Try These 2 Simple Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress This Instant

2 Apr

A little yoga can go a long way. The ancient practice has been shown to relieve stress, boost mood and increase flexibility (among a host of other benefits). So, wherever you are — whether at work, at home or even in line at the grocery store — allow yourself a few minutes to blow off some steam.

In the video above, Rudy Mettia will lead you through a five minute forward fold and triangle pose sequence. The stretches are manageable for any kind of yogi, so have no fear if this is your first stint with the moves.

Mettia recommends viewers to err on the side of caution; if, at any point, a pose feels uncomfortable, be sure to modify the stretch so you don’t feel pain.

This yoga sequence can help to reverse the damage your body experiences from sitting all day long. You’ll be moving in ways that a car seat or office chair doesn’t really allow. Follow along with Mettia’s instructions above and feel the stress of your day melt away.

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