The Yogi’s Power Squat Might Become Your Favorite Booty Workout

24 Jun

If you’ve taken a yoga class before, the instructor probably had you move into Utkatasana — the chair pose. Chair pose certainly burns — it works your quads, hamstrings and core all at once — but if you’re ready to … Read More »

This High And Low Lunge Sequence Will Better Your Balance And Your Booty

3 Jun

Better balance and a more toned tush can both be yours. In the video above from the experts at Udaya, yoga instructor Rudy Mettia will lead you through a sequence of simple, yogic lunge poses. The moves will strengthen your … Read More »

This Simple Yoga Sequence Will Help Anyone Build More Balance

27 May

This one goes out to anyone who has experienced even the slightest instability during yoga class. Nothing wrecks a yoga flow — or any exercise routine, for that matter — more than feeling like you’re going to fall over. But … Read More »

Relieve Lower Back Pain With This Simple, Soothing Yoga Pose

20 May

If you spend most of your day sitting, this stretch is for you. The reclining pose from LA-based yoga instructor Vytas Baskauskas can help to work out the kinks from a long day spent in a chair, relieving the strain … Read More »

Try These 2 Simple Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress This Instant

2 Apr

A little yoga can go a long way. The ancient practice has been shown to relieve stress, boost mood and increase flexibility (among a host of other benefits). So, wherever you are — whether at work, at home or even … Read More »