Not a Good Effect of High-fructose Diet of Pregnant Women to the Fetus

9 May

High-fructose diet during pregnancy may lead to defects in the placenta and fetal growth restriction, which virtually increases the health risks after the baby. However, in mice by administering allopurinol after alcohol was found, which seems to be able to … Read More »

Researchers in Type 1 Diabetes Worldwide Linked to the Advances in Medical Care

8 May
Researchers link global increase in type 1 diabetes to advances in medical care

Researchers at the University of Adelaide, said in the case of type 1 diabetes, global growth is directly related to advances in medical care, and the disease is more likely to be through basic genetics from one generation to the … Read More »

African-American Men With Type-2 Diabetes Have Unhealthy Eating Practices

31 Dec

Diabetes is a group characterized by high blood sugar and metabolic diseases. Hyperglycemia is due to defects in insulin secretion or action of biological damage caused, or both. Longstanding diabetes high blood sugar, leading to a variety of organizations, particularly … Read More »