Not a Good Effect of High-fructose Diet of Pregnant Women to the Fetus

9 May

High-fructose diet during pregnancy may lead to defects in the placenta and fetal growth restriction, which virtually increases the health risks after the baby.
High-fructose diet
However, in mice by administering allopurinol after alcohol was found, which seems to be able to alleviate the adverse effects on the fetus in pregnant women caused by this habit. The findings suggest that a high intake of fructose maternal prenatal screening is necessary.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Publishing Group, a subsidiary “Scientific Reports” on.

Fructose is a fruit sugar and honey naturally occurring. Confectionery industry has fructose corn syrup as an additive for decades. Fructose and glucose metabolism in the body in different ways, usually glucose into energy, while fructose is usually made after the decomposition and transformation of liver cells as triglycerides, while driving increased synthesis of uric acid. A significant increase in uric acid will cause metabolic disorders, induce gout, diabetes occurs. Through animal experiments, researchers found that pregnant mice increased uric acid and triglyceride levels after a high-fructose diet. And in recent years, there’s growing concern that fructose in processed foods and sugary drinks may be linked to diabetes and obesity.

In order to explore whether the conclusion of animal experiments in humans will reproduce, researchers 18 cases of caesarean section women fructose levels and uric acid in vivo correlations were studied. These women did not increase in uric acid can cause metabolic syndrome. It was found that this correlation in humans appeared.

The available evidence supports the pregnant body of excess fructose may adversely affect to some extent. The researchers recommend that pregnant women limit the amount of fructose intake.