Cell: Novel Zika Virus Infection in a Mouse Model of Embryonic or Reveal the Mystery

19 May
Cell: Novel Zika Virus Infection in a Mouse Model of Embryonic or Reveal the Mystery

Recently, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine by the research and development of a mouse model of two pregnant Zika virus infection in mice organism, Zika virus can migrate through the bloodstream to the placenta in pregnant mice, followed … Read More »

Not a Good Effect of High-fructose Diet of Pregnant Women to the Fetus

9 May

High-fructose diet during pregnancy may lead to defects in the placenta and fetal growth restriction, which virtually increases the health risks after the baby. However, in mice by administering allopurinol after alcohol was found, which seems to be able to … Read More »

Several Training Methods Prevent Pregnancy-induced Hypertension

23 Feb
Physical exercise during pregnancy can prevent gestational hypertension

Once pregnancy-induced hypertension, then either the pregnant woman or the fetus are particularly negative, so patients with hypertension of pregnancy must be appropriate physical exercise, but also pay attention to when you do too much of the action must not … Read More »

New Research For New Way to Reduce Preterm Birth Using Nanoparticles

3 Feb
Researchers demonstrate new way to reduce preterm birth using nanoparticles

US scientists believe that the future will use nanoparticles treatment of disease, antibiotics are no longer as popular as it is now. Using nanoparticles to engineer a special drug, a team of researchers has demonstrated in mice a new way … Read More »

A Multi-system Disorder Of Preeclampsia That Affects Women In Pregnancy

12 Jan

Preeclampsia is high-risk groups of cardiovascular disease occur in the future, especially early onset and / or severe preeclampsia, old age hypertension, ischemic heart disease, stroke, venous thromboembolism and related diseases cause death increased risk. Again pre-eclampsia pregnancy high risk … Read More »