University of Virginia Scientists to Create a Male Contraceptive Breakthrough Results

22 Apr

Researchers studied strategy, research to develop a non-hormonal method of contraception for men has reached an important milestone in their work: find a way to produce a key enzyme found only in sperm, in sufficient quantity, they can begin to design drugs to prevent sperm from swimming to the egg.
University of Virginia scientists to create a male contraceptive breakthrough resultsThis discovery is a significant step towards a birth control drug researchers hope, it will be: women Unlike pills, free of side effects typical of hormonal contraception.

“Milestone is the separation of production and full-length, active kinase enzyme sufficient for drug screening, cell biologist John C said:” The University of Virginia School of Medicine. “Isolated active, full-length form of this enzyme, allows us to test the drug binds to the enzyme entire surface, so that we can identify inhibitors of the sperm may have selective action.”

As a result of years of work, he and his team have successfully isolated and enzymes: manufacture only one found in the testis. Enzymes are cells called sperm cells to produce sperm. By targeting this enzyme, the researchers hope to inhibit its function of sperm, thereby reducing the ability of sperm movement, namely the ability of sperm to swim, so fertilization can not occur.