Study: Zika virus can cause a rare neurological disease

10 Mar

Scientists announced that they demonstrated Zika virus and rare neurological disease “Guillain – Barre syndrome” (Guillain-Barrre syndrome, called GBS) link between.

According to published in the “Lancet” study, French Polynesia 2013-2014 between Zika epidemic outbreak, resulting in 20 people infected. After the emergence of the 42 local Guillain – Barre syndrome cases. Scientists all aspects of patient examination, including blood tests, it was confirmed by the mosquito-borne Zika virus is the culprit.

The study said: “This is the first evidence provable Ming Zika virus causes Guillain – Barre syndrome.”

The study co-author, professor of epidemiology at the Pasteur Institute in France, emerging infectious diseases, said Feng tower “association between strong, as tobacco causes lung cancer the same.”

He pointed out that there are three evidence to support its conclusions; one for Zika outbreak when Guillain – Barre syndrome cases increased by 20 times, followed by nine out of Guillain – Barre syndrome before the problems of the nervous system Zika virus has infected one week, but blood analysis results also support these two epidemiological conclusion.

And the same bacterial infection transmitted by mosquitoes and dengue base hole Gongya disease (chikungunya) may also lead to Guillain – Barre syndrome.

The syndrome can lead to the patient’s hands and feet muscles become weak. In wealthy countries, about 5% of Guillain – Barre syndrome will die, another 5% of patients permanently disabled, more than a quarter of patients required intensive care treatment.

With the emergence of Brazil from 1.5 million Zika virus infections, coupled with its neighbors, the number of infections has reached thousands of people, researchers fear Guillain – Barre syndrome cases will surge.

This will pose a huge pressure on countries where medical services, especially outside the big cities.