American Studies: Zika virus can kill developing brain cells

9 Mar

US researchers found that Zika virus can kill the developing brain tissue. In the experiment, Zika virus can damage, interfere with the growth of neural progenitor cells, and the human brain and nervous system from the neural progenitor cells.

Zika virus kill brain cells
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that studies in stem cell research published in the authoritative journal “Cell Stem Cell”. The outside world has been estimated that Zika virus that causes abnormal development of the baby’s brain, and this finding reinforces the credibility of this argument. However, the researchers said this finding is not conclusive evidence confirms the relationship between the two.

Brazil currently has 4800 suspected and confirmed cases of the “head disease” is. Many people believe that Zika virus disease is the source of a small head, but the scientific evidence does not yet have fully confirmed.

Johns Hopkins University researchers from the United States, Florida State University and Emory University. They put some different tissue samples Zika virus infection, three days later analysis samples.

The researchers found that one of the samples, Zika virus can infect up to 90 percent of neural progenitor cells, leading to cell death about 3 emperor growth remaining progenitor cells is disturbed. If Zika virus in brain development is equally functioning, then the brain will cause unbearable cut think of.

However, other tissue samples, including advanced features of brain cells, kidney cells and embryonic stem cells, Zika virus can infect only about one percent.

One of the researchers States Lai Ming said the findings are important, the first step is to understand the relationship between disease and head of Zika virus. She said, “neural progenitor cells to Zika virus are particularly vulnerable. Neural progenitor cells that make up the cerebral cortex. Patients in the head disease, cerebral cortex reduced. However, this study does not provide direct evidence, the virus that causes small card 明兹卡Cause head disease. “Ming Li said the country needs to further brain class organ or animal studies.

Zika virus on neural progenitor cells deadly unexplained. However, neural progenitor cells does not seem to Zika virus from the immune response. Although the study did not fully confirm the relationship Zika virus disease with a small head, but became one of the evidence. In addition, the brain dead babies and amniotic fluid are also found Zika virus.

Molecular Biology Laboratory (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology) brain development researcher Madeleine ? Lancaster (Madeline Lancaster) said that the study is “an important step.”

She said, found that “researchers may be able to explain the rise in cases of microcephaly, also pave the way for future research. Scientists will study how stem cell virus, and the virus will affect the ability of stem cells in the developing brain neurons manufacture . “” this study is very timely and significant contribution. ”

However, Lancaster researchers agree that more research is needed to test Zika virus will really influence how to make neurons and brain size, and Zika virus crosses the placenta.