Disease killer-Fruit And Vegetable

17 Oct

To lose weight, you should burn more calories that you eat in a day. In this regard, a fruit and vegetable diet can be of great help. This diet allows you to take fewer Disease killer-Fruit And Vegetable calories and burn more through exercises. However, it may have harmful effects on the body if followed for a considerable period. As such, it is advisable to consult a physician, after which you may use the following menu.

For breakfast, take a fruit salad, comprising of apple, berries and a banana, along with orange juice. You should also include several cut-up vegetable snacks in the meal and drink plenty of water.

A fruit and vegetable diet lose weight lunch meal should include a healthy salad, including fresh spinach. You should also include about a fifth of an avocado because it is rich in calories as well as healthy fats and nutrients. Rather than using salad dressing, use a lemon juice, splash along with your salad. You should also take a glass of water after the salad. For the mid day snack, you may either take a handful of blueberries or an orange.
Disease killer-Fruit And Vegetable
For a fruit and vegetable only diet, prepare a stir-fry, comprising of pre-steamed soybeans, greens, green and red peppers as well as seaweed. The stir-fry should also include carrots, bok choy, onions, pepper flakes and ginger. For a sweet dessert, bake an apple that has been dabbed in honey, after which you should take a glass of water or fruit juice.