Who In The Drug Innovation Management Of 50 + Market?Have You Decided On

14 Dec


Back in October, MedCity announced that it was partnering with AARP to unearth the people, ideas and companies that are innovating for the vital and growing 50+ market.

We started the nomination process and more than 150 entries were collected through Nov. 30. Now through stages, we want to arrive at the final Innovation 50+ Leaders.

This week we are inviting readers to pick their favorites among companies and people innovating in the Medication Management category.

Here are our nominees:




RxAssurance Corporation

TowerView Health

WatchRx Inc.


Tom Kottler,  founder and CEO of HealthPrize Technologies

Susan Perry, CEO and principal inventor, SpeechMED

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Sterns, CEO of iRx Reminder

Charles Lee, MD,  Founder & President of Polyglot Systems, Inc.

Here is the link where you can find details of the entries and choose your favorites. Voting in the Medication Management category will remain open until 9 ET, Thursday, December 21.