This Is What Happens To Your Heart Rate When You Propose

5 Jun

There are certain moments in life that could make anyone’s heart race. Proposing to a significant other is one of those moments.

On Monday, GOOD Magazine posted a data visualization to YouTube that shows how one man’s heart rate increased and decreased before, during and after he popped the question to his girlfriend in Rome. The proposer, Redditor sesipikai, was wearing a heart rate monitor belt at the time, which measured the beats per minute. Afterwards, he created this nifty graph and posted it to Reddit in December 2014.

Credit: GOOD Magazine

The GOOD team later condensed the 40-minute time span into a 90-second video, showing all of the ups and downs as the man walked around the Colosseum with his girlfriend, got ice cream, waited for the right moment and practiced what he was going to say in his head. As you might expect, his heart rate peaked when he finally said those magical words out loud.

Afterwards, his heart rate slowed down when she said “yes” (woo hoo!) and slowed even more when the pair found a bench to rest on so they could revel in the post-proposal glow. Watch the video above.

H/T Bustle

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