This Version Of ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ Captures The Sad Reality Of Adulthood

25 Jun


Well here’s one story we hope to never actually see in bookstores.

Recently, anonymous Imgur user RunOnSentence spoke to the souls of adults everywhere by uploading a rewritten version of Dr. Seuss’ coming-of-age tale Oh, the Places You’ll Go! The remake, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (As An Adult), paints a different picture of adulthood than Seuss’ rainbow-colored paths leading the way to goals and dreams. Think more work, less, well, anything else.

The book sadly nails an all-too-familiar reality for a lot adults — one that consists mainly of spending time in the office. A reality that, quite honestly, is terrible for happiness and well-being.

Reports suggest that stress may be a significant cause of employee sick leave and is also a major source of lost productivity in the workplace. Not to mention the fact that approximately 42 percent of Americans didn’t take any vacation days in 2014, according to a Skift consumer survey. Now that’s something Dr. Seuss never warned us about as kids.

The truth is, taking space from the workplace is actually beneficial for our health because it helps our brains unwind. Managing stress can help reduce our risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, mental health issues and more. Research also suggests that planning a vacation may increase our happiness levels.

Check out the adult-ified version of Oh, the Places You’ll Go below — then schedule some time to relax, stat.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (As An Adult)

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