Inhibiting adrenaline receptors reduces breast cancer brain metastases

20 Apr

Bottom Line: While we look to invent new medicines to treat cancer, a parallel approach to repurpose existing medicines may be highly effective. Stress, mediated by adrenaline, has been suspected to promote cancer growth and this research study shows that … Read More »

Beta blockers may improve effectiveness of triple negative breast cancer treatments

7 Mar
triple negative breast cancer

A retrospective study of American M.D.Anderson Cancer Center Melhem-Bertrandt other reports suggest that taking β-blockers may improve include triple negative breast cancer, including all breast cancer patients relapse-free survival (RFS). Assessment of β-adrenergic blockers study the potential benefits of triple-negative … Read More »

Nutrition And Breast Cancer; Starving Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells To Death

29 Jan

Triple negative breast cancer refers to cancerous tissue immunohistochemistry results for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and proto-oncogene Her-2 were negative breast cancer. Such cent of all breast cancer breast cancer pathology 10.0% ~ 20.8%, with a special biological … Read More »