Effect of Traumatic Childbirth For Midwives and Doctors

16 Apr
Effect of traumatic childbirth for midwives and doctors

When complications in the delivery room lead to a traumatic childbirth, healthcare provider may feel lost and secondary traumatic stress. “Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica” study published in the journal found that when midwives and obstetricians efforts to deal with … Read More »

Study Identifies Discrimination, Alcohol And Tobacco As Major Predictors Of Panic Attacks In Minority Americans

26 Jan
Study identifies discrimination, alcohol and tobacco as major predictors of panic attacks in minority Americans

Smoking can lead to hypertension, long-term heavy smoking also contribute to large artery atherosclerosis, small artery intimal thickening gradually, so that the whole gradual hardening of blood vessels,heavy drinking is certainly harmful, high concentrations of alcohol can cause atherosclerosis, increased … Read More »

Poverty Children’s Brain Connectivity Maybe Increase Risk of Depression

19 Jan
Growing up in poverty could alter children's brain connectivity, increase risk of depression

Mild depression is present within the individual patient genetic (genetic) abnormalities caused by a persistent depression mainly of a series of spontaneous depressive symptoms. Mild depression may be associated with depression, alienation, outliers, physical discomfort, loss of appetite and sleep … Read More »