Asian American Adults HBV Screening Can help Prevent the Onset of Liver Disease

5 May
Asian American adults HBV screening can help prevent the onset of liver disease

Based on community screening of hepatitis B virus was discovered by researchers led by a University of California, Davis, targeted publicity in Asian populations to identify high-risk groups, infection and guide them to the appropriate follow-up care to help prevent … Read More »

Vital Strategies Launch For Gobal Health

30 Jan
World Health Organization

World Health Organization through direct technical cooperation with Member States and ensure a variety of cooperation between Member States, thus contributing to the development of health services, prevention and control of diseases, improve the environment, health manpower development, coordination and … Read More »

Study Identifies Discrimination, Alcohol And Tobacco As Major Predictors Of Panic Attacks In Minority Americans

26 Jan
Study identifies discrimination, alcohol and tobacco as major predictors of panic attacks in minority Americans

Smoking can lead to hypertension, long-term heavy smoking also contribute to large artery atherosclerosis, small artery intimal thickening gradually, so that the whole gradual hardening of blood vessels,heavy drinking is certainly harmful, high concentrations of alcohol can cause atherosclerosis, increased … Read More »