3 Steps told you how to treat your neck pain

11 Nov

Neck soreness is extremely common in gym goers and people who work a desk job.3 steps told you How to treat the neck pain

When your muscles and tissues tighten to protect you, nerve endings can be pinched in the process
If you sit at a desk all day, try this rule of thumb: set your desk, chair, and monitor height so that your knees, hips, and elbows are each bent at a 90 degree angle. “If you ask, many human resource departments will give you an ergonomic screening to get the heights right,” says Jaramillo, “If nothing else, get up at least once an hour and do some basic stretching.”

1.Ice, Then Heat

Ice can help to reduce swelling in the area and numb some of the pain. “I always recommend ice within the first 48 to 72 hours, then switch to heat after that,” says Jaramillo.

2.Roll It Out

If the pain is just generalized tightness and stiffness that is not restricting any motion, Jaramillo suggests rolling on a small ball to give yourself acupressure therapy. He recommends a lacrosse ball because it’s harder, but a tennis ball would also work. If the pain and stiffness are limiting your motion, then simply take a few days to rest or see your doctor.


Stretching the muscles between your shoulder blades is the number one way to prevent neck soreness. “And the best time to stretch is always at the end of a workout, when the muscles are warm,” says Jaramillo. Try his 5 Neck Stretches That Reduce Soreness.

Follow these steps,you can improve your healthy and relieve pain.

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