Young Breast Cancer Patients Who See More Positive Changes in the Treatment of Post-mastectomy

6 May

Body image among identifies who have been treated for breast cancer patients and many mainstream refusal styling philosophy, studies show that women are different.
Young breast cancer patients see body changes more positively after mastectomy treatment
Published in the journal Health Psychology A new study reveals the young women mastectomy experience – partial or total removal of the breast – and how they perceive their physical effects.

Interviews show that women’s body confidence reduces surgery but some women create the ideal new body refused to mainstream the concept of surgical scars become proud.

Prior to surgery, but after diagnosis, the main concern is around how they would treat a minimum viable concerns.

The study was carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University researchers questioned 29 to 49 years who had undergone mastectomy 53 women.

We hope the results will help to better inform patients and medical staff.

The study was conducted by a psychologist Professor Mechan body image Sarah Grogan and senior lecturer Jayne, a women experts.
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Professor Grogan said: “The interview revealed beautiful than the diagnosis and mastectomy survival less important identity concerns mastectomy women negotiating new body.

“It can not be hidden with clothing treatment effect significant concern, however, confidence in the body of a great impact, while some participants refused to mainstream the concept of body shape and reported their emotional scars proud.”

Jain said: “The young women may be happy with their bodies, including their scars, do not think they will feel completely deny this is very important.

“Some women develop after surgery report improved over the strength and sense of self-efficacy and reject mainstream beauty. In general, these young women see the changes in their bodies more active than reported in previous studies.”

Recommendations from the study:

• any intervention and therapy after mastectomy need to ensure that weight gain as a result of the impact of treatment concerns, discussions and loss of breast

• At diagnosis, young women may feel they have no regard whether the mastectomy, because they are likely to focus on survival options. This is to be discussed by the former adviser to surgery, taking into account, in order to ensure women’s access to all necessary information, and have enough time and space to carefully consider all options, in particular the decision on whether or not there is a direct reconstruction

• a major finding in this study is the extent of the experience of women and their bodies feel the changes in. Do not expect health professionals who have had a mastectomy for Women negative reaction homogeneous mode, so if and when needed to provide targeted support is very important.