Scientists Found to be a Potential Drug to Treat Breast Cancer and Efficient

27 May

University of Edinburgh May 23 release the results of a study, a team led by university researchers to find a compound that in a lab environment effectively inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Based on this finding the scientists are expected to develop a new generation of breast cancer drugs.
Chemical compound eCF506 may be highly effective at blocking growth of breast cancer cells
According to the researchers, they used an advanced imaging technology, the ability to act on the compound process visualization of cancer cells. In this technique the aid, the researchers screened known as “eCF506” compounds, which can be a key molecule for breast cancer cell growth and spread of the “Src tyrosine kinase” play a role.

There are a number of other clinical trials of new drugs can act on the “Src tyrosine kinase” elements. Compared with these drugs, “eCF506” A big advantage is more targeted, it will only act on the “Src tyrosine kinase”, without affecting other cell molecules. Theoretically, as drug effects more side effects are lower.

This study has been published in the “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.” Participated in the study of the University of Edinburgh professor Neil Carragher said the drug candidate also need to go through more of the pre-test to enter clinical trials, but the current situation, it’s very good.