Is that true? Bacteria can lead to Type 1 Diabetes!

24 May

Recently, an international journal published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation on research papers, researchers from Cardiff University through the study found, the pathogenesis of the bacteria or by inducing the immune system to destroy the insulin-producing cells in type 1 diabetes play an important role; previous studies have found that killer T cells can destroy pancreatic β cells leads to type 1 diabetes.
Is that true? Bacteria can lead to Type 1 Diabetes!
Now this study, researchers found that lead to the same killer T cells type 1 diabetes may be some bacteria strongly activated killer T cells can effectively kill the bacteria, but when it attacks its own tissues error, this effect is to destroy nature. During the onset of type 1 diabetes, killer T cells are thought to attack pancreatic β cells when β cells are destroyed, the patient must daily injections of insulin to maintain bodily functions.

However, unlike Type 2 diabetes, as type 1 diabetes in children and young adults mainly popular, but it is not related and diet, researchers are not clear mechanisms induced type 1 diabetes, but there is no long-term treatment means. The researchers said David Cole, killer T cells using cell surface receptors to sense environmental changes, as if these receptors are highly sensitive “finger”, as bacteria can be scanned, but sometimes these receptors can recognize the error target leading killer T cells to attack its own tissues.

For this study, the researchers want to study what is found to promote β killer T cells kill cells, and then they found that some bacteria can turn on killer T cells so that it can “seize” β cells; researchers Cole He said the first time, we reveal how bacteria induce killer T cells to induce type 1 diabetes, and now we have a lot of work to be done to confirm the trigger type 1 diabetes the culprit; find many autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes pathogenesis behind the cellular mechanism is very important for the latter part of the development of new treatments.

Finally, Professor Matthias von Herrath said that type 1 diabetes is a major influence young and very difficult to treat serious diseases, this study clarifies the causes of type 1 diabetes, we also reveal how the body’s external factor to induce T cell awakening He began to attack the β cells, and research results can help us to explain the progress of the disease and the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the latter to provide ideas.