What Factors Reduce the Quality of Life of Older Women?

4 May

Published an article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society researchers recently learned that frail elderly women, and women who are six or more chronic disease, compared with women who have three kinds of geographical risk factors, having the possibility of a relatively low quality of life twice.
What Factors Reduce the Quality of Life of Older Women?Age-related weakness is a health, aging can increase unhealthy, falls, risk of disability and death. Of weakness including vulnerable, weight loss, slow walking pace, fatigue and low activity levels. Although frail elderly to develop a range of age-related problems, many people are still able to maintain a good quality of life.

Team of researchers examined data from 11,070 women aged 65 to weak 84 between the ages of these women were involved in collecting the Women’s Health Initiative observational study. The researchers found the following risk factors will reduce the quality of life of weakness of women, increasing the risk of death:

1. Heart Disease
2. Diabetes
3. The lower weight
4. convinced that their health is poor
5. high blood pressure (over 140/90)
6. Smoking
7. Age larger

The researchers suggested that a good deal with chronic health problems may help elderly, frail women enjoy a higher quality of life.