US Zika Epidemic Fear Upgrade

27 May

Fassi said that at present more than 500 Americans are infected with Zika virus, but in all cases the infection pathways are tourism-related, which means that these patients, if not in the United States outside of infection is via travel outside the United States who have been infected. He pointed out that hundreds of local infection (locally transmitted) cases are in the Caribbean US territories such as Puerto Rico infection.
US Zika Epidemic Fear Upgrade
He said: “We are concerned that the upcoming United States infections, refers to the United States are from the mosquito-borne virus never left the United States in the case.” Also known as “due next month rampant mosquito season approaching, the above has been predictable. “Zika vaccine is to solve this problem long-term goal, he estimated the fastest large-scale vaccine trials have to wait until early 2017.

Currently the nation’s most populous city, New York City, there are 86 cases of Zika, New York City Health Department noted that 14 of them pregnant women, all current patients have been cured, as infected pregnant women gave birth to newborns if there is a small head psychosis developmental defects not clear. The entire New York 152 people Zika cases, of which 50 were males and 102 were females, and 23 pregnant women.

Zika’s liability shall be against federal, state and local health officials to shoulder, but the bipartisan Members currently funding amount at loggerheads. In the case of funds waiting no less, and health officials at all levels were forced to mobilize resources for other projects. Fassi said that the institute intends to appropriation dysentery, tuberculosis and influenza program funds for research and development Zika vaccine.

What is the Zika virus? Clinical symptoms of what?

Zika virus is a self-limiting acute infectious disease caused by the Zika virus, the incubation period of the disease show the information available from 3 to 12 days. Zika people infected with the virus, only 20% of the symptoms, and mild symptoms, mainly fever (mostly low-grade fever), rash (rash, mostly), and accompanied by a non-purulent conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise and headache, a small number of patients may suffer from abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, ulcers, itchy skin. Symptoms last 2 to 7 days remission, the prognosis is good, and death in severe cases rare.

Pediatric infections may appear nervous system, eye and hearing other changes. Zika virus infection in pregnant women may result in fetal or neonatal microcephaly death.

The main endemic areas Where?

Zika virus predominant in tropical and subtropical regions. As of January 2016, at least 45 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, there is evidence of transmission of the virus Zika, the most serious epidemic in Brazil.

How to prevent Zika virus?

There is no vaccine for prevention, the best form of prevention is to prevent mosquito bites. Use insect repellent; Put as many parts of the body can get covered by clothing (preferably light-colored clothing); the use of gauze doors and windows closed and other physical barriers; and sleep under nets. Further more important is to buckets, flower pots or car tires and other water storage containers may be emptied embodiment, be covered or kept clean, thereby removing make mosquito breeding places.

Pregnant women during pregnancy and is recommended to prepare carefully to the Zika virus endemic areas.