Try This Simple Stretch For Better Posture

9 Sep

If your day job doesn’t equip you with a standing desk, there are ways to combat the negative side effects of sitting all day long. In the video above, Udaya yoga teacher Jules Mitchell shows how to get into a simple, spine-lengthening downward dog, a yogic move that can help reverse the damages of your desk job and improve your posture. 

As you’ll see in Mitchell’s tutorial, you can even do this stretch at work without being that weird yogi co-worker who’s always practicing on the floor (though there’s no shame in that, we say). You’ll perform a standard downward dog, but instead of placing your palms on the ground, you’ll place them on the edge of a stable chair. 

Once you’re comfortable with the regular, spine-stretching downward dog, get into the same position and stretch one leg above your hips — this is called a three-legged dog. The move will help you lengthen your spine even more.

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