Troclose1200 Trocar Built-in Suture Abdominal Wall Down Quickly

7 Sep

Gordian-Surgical-deviceGordian-surgicalGordian Surgical, an Israeli company, won the European CE mark for its TroClose1200 laparoscopy trocar that has a built-in suturing system to close the abdominal wall once you’re done with the procedure. The sutures are placed internally around the puncture once the trocar is positioned and are brought together by simply pulling on the lines once the laparoscopic instruments are removed.

The company hopes the device will save surgeons time over manual suturing or introducing additional devices just to close the incision. Moreover, it believes that a good deal of ports will be able to be closed with its system that are currently too difficult for manual methods.

Gordian is now running clinical trials to prove its technology in practice which has already been used in 34 procedures, such as hysterectomy, cholecystectomy, hernia repair, and sleeve gastrectomy and the company hopes to add 50 more in a trial that should wrap up later this year.

Here’s a video from the company that shows the functionality of the TroClose1200:

Product page: TroClose 1200…