Top 5 Exercises that Require More Intensity

12 Sep

Sometimes your body becomes resistant to your workout routine and you notice a break-off in your weight. This is the phase when you should bring in a change in your fitness regime to ensure desired results. If you are not getting results then do not blame your genetics, instead add these top 5 exercises that require more intensity. Do have a read and get toning!
1. Work Outs for Complete Circumference of Your Core. These workouts can be easily carried out at home, as they require less to no equipment. Also known as interval workouts, these add-ons are a real metabolic booster for your body, thereby giving a lift to the intensity of your performance. In this video, you can see the trainer doing three important yet easy interval workouts that work on the complete circumference of core, including lower abs, uppers abs and arms as well.The first one involves jumping jack exercise, where you can invite your family members to join, as it’s a pretty fun way of burning calories and a great warm up as well. The second one involves push-ups which you can do with or without medicine balls. This workout works best on stomach, chest and back, along-with arms. And the last one is triceps exercise which works best on shoulders, hip and thighs. Watch out the video for better understanding!

2. Box Jumps. If you are used to stepping then this can be an easier exercise for you. However, this is an intense plyometric exercise that works on large muscle groups along with the entire circumference of core. This powerful workout will surely burn out your calories that your body had been craving to get rid of.


This intense workout works particularly on your thigh and hip areas, as you leap onto the box the thigh muscles get stretched and tone up your thigh and hip areas.
3. Kettlebell Exercise. Here is another fabulous workout, where the weight is not evenly distributed, thus making your body work harder. This exercise is specially designed to focus on shoulders, back, butt, core, and arms, thereby enabling overall toning.
4. Handstand Pushups. This is one of the most strenuous and intense workouts suggested in this post. This workout makes your arms stronger. Beginners should try out this exercise under the guidance of a trainer and if you are already familiar with gym then all you will need is a pair of exercise bands that you can easily get online for not more than $10. In this video, you can see how the trainer turns the bands into harness and does handstand pushups, while using the upper band as support.

5. Different Pushups. Push ups are among the most powerful workouts that show faster results than any other exercises. They target the entire stomach area along-with arms and legs. So if you want a flat belly with toned arms like those of Michelle Obama then you can try out these various pushups.

So those were the top 5 exercises that require more intensity. Hope this helps!