To Master Some Basic Knowledge Of Free Health Care

16 Jul

I keep reading about the right to health care.

Of course health in our current system is not caring for our health at all but rather managing disease. But with all rights come responsibilities. Somehow we have gotten the idea that health care should be free, available to all, quick and easy. Seriously – where did we get this idea? If we want the “right” to health care, we must begin to accept the responsibilities inherent with that right. This responsibility must be both personal and societal.

Individually we must begin to do the basics.

  • We must choose food that will nourish not destroy us.
  • We must shut off the TV and computer and move our bodies.
  • We must again turn off the TV, go to bed and sleep for eight hours.
  • We must shut up and shut off, quiet our minds and be silent every day.
  • We must align our spine and posture so our brain can communicate clearly with our body.
  • Finally we must quit whining about what we don’t want or like and focus on gratitude.

Societally let’s stop rewarding the bad behavior and punishing the good behavior.

  • Why tax nutritional supplements and not trans fats?
  • Why give government subsidies to genetically modified corn growers and penalize organic farmers?

Politically it all comes down to the money.

Several years ago they deleted chiropractic care from Medicaid.

One of our patients was with the insurance commission and said there was one reason – not enough PAC money.

Within six months, chiropractors were reinstated. When I asked her why, she said they finally saw that a patient could see a chiropractor once per week for a year for much less than one E.R. visit for low back pain!

Why can’t we have a label to tell us when a product is genetically modified? Does it all have to do with how much money the politicians receive? It certainly seems that way.

Right now the system is so profoundly broken that the best plan is to stay out of it.

First let’s assume personal responsibility and take care of ourselves. Secondly let’s stop rewarding bad behavior either with our dollars as we shop or with our votes.