These Are The Best And Worst Cities For Families

15 Jun

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A new report from personal finance social network WalletHub ranks the best and worst cities for families in 2015.

The top five family-friendly cities are Overland Park, KS; Plano, TX; Virginia Beach, VA; Lincoln, NE; and Sioux Falls, SD — while the bottom five were Jackson, MS; Birmingham, AL; Detroit, MI; Miami, FL; and Baton Rouge, LA. To see each more city rankings, hover over the map below.

Source: WalletHub

Looking at metrics like health, safety, education, child care, affordability and availability of family activities, researchers compared and ranked the 150 most populated U.S. cities.

WalletHub’s report also highlights some more specific statistics about median family salaries, divorce rates, playgrounds per capita, and more. For example, Madison, WI was shown to have the highest number of playgrounds per capita while Hialeah, FL had the fewest.

family friendly cities

Visit WalletHub for more information about the rankings and methodology behind this report.

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