The Science Of Darwinian Medicine: A Talk By Robert Wolf

27 Sep

ape-to-manWhat is Darwinian medicine? What separates it from conventional medicine? And how can Darwinian medicine be applied in a clinical setting? If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you probably know the answer to all of these questions. However, if you are a new reader, or someone who hasn’t dug into the science of Darwinian medicine, you probably don’t.

If so, then you should definitely check out the video below, which features a talk by Robb Wolf, a bestselling author, former research biochemist, and one of the world’s leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition. The presentation was given at the University of California, San Fransisco and includes a discussion about evolutionary mismatches, ancestral diets, and several other topics related to Darwinian medicine. It obviously doesn’t cover everything you need to know about this field, but it touches on many of the most important concepts.

Human beings are biological systems that have been sculpted by evolutionary forces over eons of time. This fact is all too often forgotten by medical practitioners, which can help explain why mainstream medicine has proven so ineffective at preventing and treating chronic disease.

I strongly believe that by integrating principles of Darwinian medicine into medical education and practise, we could revolutionize our entire medical system. I applaud anyone that puts in an effort to get this done. Robb Wolf is one such person. Maybe you can be too? By sharing and spreading information about this emerging field of science and educating people about their health, you can make a difference.