The Scary Dangers Of Drowsy Driving, In One Chart

8 Sep


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We’ll say no to plans when we’re too tired, so why don’t we say no to getting behind the wheel when we’re in the same state? Nearly 60 percent of adult drivers in the U.S. — that’s approximately 168 million people — have admitted to driving a vehicle when they’re sleepy, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll.

The effects of drowsy driving are serious. It can impair a person’s focus and reaction, just like driving drunk. Driver fatigue is also responsible for more than 100,000 crashes and nearly 2,000 deaths each year.  

Still not convinced that getting behind the wheel when you’re sleepy is a bad idea? Check out the infographic from CJ Pony Parts below, detailing all the dangerous ways drowsy driving impacts the driver and the people around them. We’ll take a nap over these consequences any day.

Wake Up to the Drowsy Driving Epidemic

Image by CJ Pony Parts

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