The Design Of Rice University – A – Thon Concentrated In The Auxiliary Equipment

7 Sep



Team Fab Assistants developed a single-handed solution for drawing medication with a syringe and self-administering.

Rice University just hosted the first Innovate Design-A-Thon focused on creating devices to help disabled people lead more independent lives. Students from Rice, as well as University of Houston, and the University of Texas at Dallas participated in the event. Modeled on popular hackathons that are focused on software, the Innovate Design-A-Thon was created to give attention to assistive devices that can now be quickly prototyped and manufactured.

One team developed a syringe that can be used with one hand to both draw the medication and to administer it on yourself.

Another project was the AFORD, an Ankle-Foot Orthosis Retention Device, that controls how the foot swings for people with poor lower body control. It’s made to be easy to slip a foot into and latch close with one hand so that the very people that need such a device can easily use it on their own.

Link with all the winners: Innovate Design-A-Thon..