Jack Antonoff Opens Up About Struggling With Depression

18 Jun

Jack Antonoff calls his past panic attacks “some of the most terrifying moments of my entire life,” but that’s precisely why the Bleachers frontman is speaking about them publicly. “It was such trauma to go through, but then beyond having … Read More »

It’s Now Easier For Older Blood Donors To Give Blood

14 Jun

Joern Pollex via Getty Images HALIFAX – The agency that operates Canada’s blood donor clinics is planning to make it easier for older donors to give blood, saying it will introduce changes this fall that will lift some eligibility restrictions … Read More »

Why Keeping Your Cool Could Be The Key To Good Health

11 Jun

Keeping your cool during stressful situations could be key to long-term health, according to a new study. Those who let go of a cheerful mood easily as they react to minor stressors of daily life have elevated levels of inflammation, … Read More »

Man Plays Beatles Song On His Guitar While Undergoing Brain Surgery

5 Jun

An astonishing video shows the moment a Brazilian man started playing “Yesterday” on his guitar while undergoing brain surgery. Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33, was having a brain tumor removed last week when he started playing the classic Beatles tune, reports … Read More »