The Researchers Emphasize How BSI Pathogen Infection Becomes More Elastic

9 May
Researchers highlight how BSI infecting pathogens become more resilient

Virulence recently published special issue, “BSI”, flexibility and the host team under attack by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology in Europe and infectious diseases focus on bloodstream infections (BSI) infection recognition. Guest Editor Dr. Claudio Viscoli, professor of epidemiology … Read More »

Study: Most Ebola Survivors Experience Brain Symptoms More Than Six Months After Initial Infection

25 Feb
Study: Most Ebola survivors experience brain symptoms more than six months after initial infection

For many Ebola virus infection, the symptoms of viral infection after cure, survivors still produce prolonged psychiatric symptoms. Most of the 82 Ebola survivors in a new study from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak had brain symptoms more than six … Read More »

New Study Show Zika Virus Can Cross The Placental Barrier

20 Feb
Zika virus can cross the placental barrier, according to new study

A recent study confirmed that Zika virus in pregnant women during pregnancy, “through” the placenta. The virus is now considered a major cause of newborn Microcephaly Brazil lead the surge. Placenta has two daughters and mother separate circulatory system. During … Read More »

Better Universal Healthcare Needed To Reduce CHE For Low-income TB Patients In China

26 Jan

TB is an infectious disease common and deadly by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, also known cause. Normally infects and destroys lung tuberculosis and lymphatic system, but other organs such as the brain, the central nervous system, circulatory system, urinary system, bones, joints, … Read More »

Allergan Announced That The US FDA Has Approved DALVANCE Supplementary New Drug Application (sNDA)

25 Jan
FDA approves Allergan's sNDA to update label for DALVANCE (dalbavancin) for injection

Allergan announced that the US FDA has approved the company’s supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) Update injection DALVANCE Allergan announced that the US FDA has approved the supplemental new drug application DALVANCE <wbr> (sNDA) (dalbavancin) drug label. Extended label will … Read More »

Researchers Suggest Make a Way For TB drugs More Efficacious To Aganist Other Disease

20 Jan

Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. TB may invade various organs of human body, but mainly affects the lungs, called pulmonary tuberculosis. Biophysicists have discovered why the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) are naturally … Read More »

UM SOM Develop a Vaccine To Prevent a Group of Deadly Bacterial Infections

14 Jan
UM SOM to team up with industry to develop vaccine for preventing deadly bacterial infections

Cardiovascular disease is referred to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, refers to due ischemic or hemorrhagic heart, brain and body tissue hyperlipidemia, blood viscosity, atherosclerosis, hypertension caused by the occurrence of disease. The Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) at the University … Read More »

Beijing Sinovac EV71 Inactivated Vaccine Is Eligible For Drug Approval Number

5 Jan

December 30, 2015, Beijing Sinovac Biotech Co., independent research and development of biological products prevent a class of drugs – Enterovirus China Food and Drug Administration 71 inactivated vaccine production registration application is approved, obtain new drug certificate and drug … Read More »

Roche Announced Today That It Has Filed a Direct De Novo Application To FDA for Anti-Mullerian assay

18 Dec
Roche files direct de novo application to FDA for Anti-Mullerian assay

  Did not take any contraceptive measures, normal sexual life without a successful pregnancy, called infertility. Women infertility due to the uterus is called the cold palace cold infertility.You must be know the knowledge of health notification. Roche (SIX: RO, … Read More »