Nature Journal child: Study Found that New Blood Biomarker of Autism

8 May
Nature Journal child: study found that new blood biomarker of autism

Recently, researchers Southwestern Medical Center have discovered a blood biomarkers, which help in the early diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Early intervention is the best treatment of ASD, which affect about one seventieth of children. Unfortunately, most … Read More »

New Research For Cardiovascular Disease In Prostate Cancer Survivors

19 Feb

Prostate cancer is a malignant disease harm the male life, due to the current cancer is not completely effective cure, in general, had declared cancer death directly, but through scientific treatment of people delay spread of the virus. The 3 … Read More »

Strong Link Found Between Incarceration of Family Members During Childhood and Heart Attacks in Men

15 Feb
Strong link found between incarceration of family members during childhood and heart attacks in men

A parent’s incarceration has immediate, devastating effects on a family. Now, Virginia Tech and University of Toronto researchers say there may be a longer term risk: Men who as children experienced a family member’s incarceration are approximately twice as likely … Read More »

Parathyroid Hormone May Mediate Antihypertensive Fracture Risk

23 Jan
Parathyroid hormone may mediate antihypertensive fracture risk

Parathyroid hormone is composed of 84 amino acids, its main function is to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus vertebrates, prompting increased calcium levels, decreased serum phosphate levels. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels may be elevated by use of some … Read More »