Studies Have Shown that Anti-nausea Drugs do not Increase the Risk of Birth Defects

12 May
Studies have shown that anti-nausea drugs do not increase the risk of birth defects

Women suffering from extreme morning sickness often take Zofran (ondansetron) to combat their debilitating nausea and vomiting. However, two studies have found that the drug may increase risk of heart defects and cleft palate in children exposed in utero. A … Read More »

Vital Strategies Launch For Gobal Health

30 Jan
World Health Organization

World Health Organization through direct technical cooperation with Member States and ensure a variety of cooperation between Member States, thus contributing to the development of health services, prevention and control of diseases, improve the environment, health manpower development, coordination and … Read More »

Better Universal Healthcare Needed To Reduce CHE For Low-income TB Patients In China

26 Jan

TB is an infectious disease common and deadly by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, also known cause. Normally infects and destroys lung tuberculosis and lymphatic system, but other organs such as the brain, the central nervous system, circulatory system, urinary system, bones, joints, … Read More »

Pancreatic Cancer Is Expected To Surpass Breast Cancer To Become The Third Leading Cause Of Cancer-related Deaths In The United States

9 Jan

Pancreatic cancer is a highly malignant, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer is very difficult, approximately 90% originated from glandular epithelium of ductal adenocarcinoma. The incidence and mortality increased significantly in recent years. It is one of the worst prognosis … Read More »

Children Younger Than 5 Who Live In Economically Disadvantaged Areas Had a Greater Risk

24 Dec
Medication poisoning threatens young children in poor areas

The report shows that unintentional injuries in children in the family, only 8.7 percent of respondents parents concerned about poisoning this one, more parents concerned about the shock (27.3%), falls (22.9%) and burns (19.4%). There are a lot of parents … Read More »

New Research Have Strengthened Our Nation’s Ability To Properly Contain a Highly Unlikely Outbreak Of Ebola,But Financial, Staffing And Resource Challenges Remain a Hurdle

15 Dec
Ebola virus

The Ebora virus is a potent virus that causes human and primate Ebora to have a high mortality rate, it’s a very rare virus. The United States has sufficient capacity for treating another outbreak of the Ebola virus, but financial, … Read More »