The Researchers Emphasize How BSI Pathogen Infection Becomes More Elastic

9 May
Researchers highlight how BSI infecting pathogens become more resilient

Virulence recently published special issue, “BSI”, flexibility and the host team under attack by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology in Europe and infectious diseases focus on bloodstream infections (BSI) infection recognition. Guest Editor Dr. Claudio Viscoli, professor of epidemiology … Read More »

Do Not Let Antibiotic Wreck Your Baby’s Immune System

20 Apr
Do Not Let Antibiotic Wreck Your Baby's Immune System

We innately have a perfect defense system that immunity, it is always at the perfect “offensive and defensive” state, to help fight foreign invaders. There are more than 80% of the body’s immune function in the construction of the gut … Read More »

Light-activated Nanotherapy Developed By Researchers Can Against Drug-resistant Bacteria

5 Feb

Salmonella Enterobacteriaceae, Gram-negative intestinal bacteria, have been found more than 1800 kinds. In addition to infect humans, it can also infect many animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and insects. Salmonellosis is one of the zoonotic importance of the … Read More »

Allergan Announced That The US FDA Has Approved DALVANCE Supplementary New Drug Application (sNDA)

25 Jan
FDA approves Allergan's sNDA to update label for DALVANCE (dalbavancin) for injection

Allergan announced that the US FDA has approved the company’s supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) Update injection DALVANCE Allergan announced that the US FDA has approved the supplemental new drug application DALVANCE <wbr> (sNDA) (dalbavancin) drug label. Extended label will … Read More »

UM SOM Develop a Vaccine To Prevent a Group of Deadly Bacterial Infections

14 Jan
UM SOM to team up with industry to develop vaccine for preventing deadly bacterial infections

Cardiovascular disease is referred to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, refers to due ischemic or hemorrhagic heart, brain and body tissue hyperlipidemia, blood viscosity, atherosclerosis, hypertension caused by the occurrence of disease. The Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) at the University … Read More »

New Research Have Strengthened Our Nation’s Ability To Properly Contain a Highly Unlikely Outbreak Of Ebola,But Financial, Staffing And Resource Challenges Remain a Hurdle

15 Dec
Ebola virus

The Ebora virus is a potent virus that causes human and primate Ebora to have a high mortality rate, it’s a very rare virus. The United States has sufficient capacity for treating another outbreak of the Ebola virus, but financial, … Read More »

The completion of the first Phase 2a clinical trial for SYN-004 is an important achievement for Synthetic Biologics

7 Dec
The completion of the first Phase 2a clinical trial for SYN-004 is an important achievement for Synthetic Biologics

Biological products are commonly used or genetically engineered, cell engineering, protein engineering, fermentation engineering and other biological technology to obtain microbial cells and various animal and human sources of tissue and liquid and other biological materials, for human disease prevention, … Read More »