Study: Women live longer with the sun and must be well sun protective measures

16 Apr

Recently, a study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden showed that the probability of sunbathing women live to 20 years is twice that of women without the sun, the sun does not contact injuries on the body, even greater than smoking.

Karolinska Institutet for 30,000 women for a 20-year follow-up investigation of health. These women will be asked if you smoke and the sun’s attitude questions, including whether they often sunbathing or sun vacations abroad and other issues. The results show that the probability that the sun’s risk of heart disease and other diseases of women (except cancer) is less than women without the sun. Of course, in the sun during the sun do the measures.

However, scientists have uncompromising. Some say it is due to the low risk of illness so that women live longer in the sun, which at the same time make them more likely to get skin cancer. Another study has shown that people do not smoke and the risk of premature death caused by the same sun. And scientists are not sure how the sun is healthy, it may be because the sun helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of human heart disease and stroke, is also possible that the sun increases the vitamin D content in the body, thereby reducing the the risk of diabetes and brittle bone disease. All this needs to be further scientific validation.