Studies have Shown that Widowed Women More Healthy Life Easier

27 Apr

Italian study showed that men in his later years after losing a spouse can bear more frustration than widows because their old age needs his wife’s care.
Widowed WomenAccording to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, the latest research shows that Italy, the widow of life makes a woman more healthy, because when her husband died, their life will become easier, life is not like other women the same age so fragile.

Women after losing a spouse in old age will rarely vulnerable, women live longer than their peers married life longer. However, this phenomenon does not occur in men losing his wife, once their wives die, they will become increasingly thin, perhaps because men in terms of life is dependent on his wife.

University of Padova, Italy Katrina – Dr. Teleiweisang (Caterina Trevisan) pointed out that the presence of his wife’s possible for men to bring more benefits, such as: housekeeping and health care, but women are likely to feel the pressure and found their role is restricted life, make them frustrated. She explained that because women generally longer life expectancy than men, married women may bear the burden of care, old age because they often take care of their husbands. These factors may reduce the probability of widowed women living depressed, studies show that more women than men endure marital problems, the more potential health crisis in marriage.

The study also found that single widowed woman’s life more comfortable than unmarried women, who for higher job satisfaction, work at a high activity, maintain a high contact and social groups, to maintain a high degree of intimacy with family or friends . Dr. Katrina said: “Research shows that widows are better able to handle stress problems than widowers, compared widower widowed life will become more depressed depressed, and widows will be more independent and to maintain good health.”