Share Your De-Stressing Tips On The Huffington Post

10 Sep

HuffPost’s GPS for the Soul app is based on two truths about human beings. First: we all have a centered place of wisdom, harmony and balance within us. Second: we’re all going to veer away from that place, again and again and again. It’s the nature of life. In fact, we may be off-course more often than we are on-course.

What we need is a great course-correcting mechanism — a GPS for the Soul — to help us find our way back to that centered place, from which everything is possible.

The GPS for the Soul app will guide you back to the place. The app connects you to your own GPS Guide — a personalized collection of whatever helps you course-correct. You’ll curate your go-to stress relieving tools — these might be calming music, a favorite poem, breathing exercise, photos of a person or place you love or a combination of all of these — and the app will organize them into one, tranquil GPS Guide. You’ll be able to visit your guide time and time again. Each time you do, you’ll experience a sense of everything falling back into place; a calm after the storm.

Because no one knows better than you what helps you de-stress and tap into that place of peace inside yourself, it’s important for you to create your very own guide. We want to see the particulars of what helps you relax. Email us at and we’ll set you up with your very own HuffPost blogger account to share your guide on the site. If you’re already a blogger, we encourage you to upload your personal guide today.

We can’t wait to see what you have to share.

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