Pure – Vu Cleaning Dirty Colon Colonoscopy System

10 Oct

pure-vu-workstationSince many patients coming in for a colonoscopy fail to properly cleanse their bowels, seeing polyps under a layer of fecal matter becomes a challenge. A newly FDA-cleared system from MOTUS GI, an Israeli firm, now offers the ability to wash out the insides if there’s too much muck down there.

The Pure-Vu system is compatible with most colonoscopes and features four sprinklers plus a suction channel, which work together to clear the colon. The sprinklers are activated using a foot pedal and shoot out bursts of water and air to loosen and wash away the insides. When the device detects a clog, it automatically purges itself and runs the process over again.

It does not obstruct the colonoscope or the working channels within it, so you can still take tissue samples or perform other procedures.

Here’s a beautiful video, thankfully an animation, showing how the system works:

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