Obalon Can Swallow A Balloon Weight Loss Fda Approved

15 Sep

Obalon balloon therapy

Gastric bypass surgery, just like any other surgery, hold potential for intraprocedural problems and follow-up complications. Less invasive means of reducing the volume of the stomach are coming to market. One particularly interesting system called Obalon just received FDA approval to help obese people to reduce weight who failed to do so through diet and exercise.

obalon-balloon-systemThe system was developed by Obalon Therapeutics, a company out of Carlsbad, California. It revolves around a swallowable balloon that looks like a large pill that has a tube attached to it that is used to pump up the balloon once it’s in the stomach. The tube detaches following inflation and is removed from the body. The balloon remains inside the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety.

Multiple balloons can be delivered into the stomach throughout treatment to produce the optimal effect for the patient.

The balloons stay in the stomach for up to six months since the first one went in and are eventually removed via endoscopy.

Here’s an animation showing how Obalon works:

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