Male Friends not to be Missed Osteoporosis Screening

17 May

A new study shows that regular health screening and acceptance of different women, male osteoporosis is easy to miss the screening, even if did not miss, also hard to attract male attention. Therefore, the researchers found that men treat bone difficult to accept or take appropriate measures to protect bone health.
“Women group will receive regular health screening,” Ruppe Dr. Mary Hospital, in a news conference, she said she is in Houston Methodist Hospital endocrinologist. “When women age corresponding to the rear, they will accept the primary care physicians and gynecologists bone density screening. But for the male population, they are less likely to receive routine primary care screening.”
Male Friends not to be Missed Osteoporosis Screening
Osteoporosis is a common type of disease for groups of women who. However, for the male population, the growing number of men also suffer from osteoporosis gradually troubled, their bones become more fragile.

The researchers pointed out that in the United States, osteoporosis in male patients over 65 years of about 150 million people. They added that there are 350 million people in the risk of bone loss exists.

American College of Physicians, said 50 men over the age should regularly receive relevant medical screening for osteoporosis each year.

With age, the risk of osteoporosis increases. Endocrine Society recommends that all people should receive in 70 years when bone density examination.

Those most at risk of osteoporosis prevalence of male population generally have the following characteristics:

1. Class cholesterol prescription use
2. History of the prevalence of intestinal diseases
3. Use of the prostate cancer drug
4. Alcohol Abuse

The study found that certain drugs can help the body maintain bone strength. Therefore, regular bone loss detection is necessary, which would allow people to obtain higher therapeutic opportunities. They added that the lower bone mineral density in men may lead to other medical problems, such as vitamin D deficiency or low testosterone secretion and the like.

“Each year, about 80,000 people will suffer a hip fracture problems, studies have shown that the risk of fatal fractures male than female,” Ruppe representation. “These data have underlined the importance of accepting conventional male osteoporosis screening.”