Infertile men, age greater risk of suffering from metabolic diseases

12 Apr

A study in the meeting of the European Society of Urology published reports have fertility problems in men with age, the risk of metabolic diseases will increase.

1. By comparison study found that infertile men suffer greater risk of metabolic disease!

About 15 percent of couples have infertility problems, of which about half is due to male infertility. Shorter male life poor sperm quality, but the cause of this problem is unclear, there is no biochemical markers or preventive measures. A Swedish research team measured the infertile men vivo six kinds of hormone levels and other biochemical indicators, the results show that the majority of infertile men have hypogonadism (low levels of sex hormones) risk, they have also found that metabolic diseases and osteoporosis signs of osteoporosis.
There are 192 male sperm scarce participated in the study, patients who are Gdansk University Hospital Center for Reproductive Medicine, the research team will them with 199 age-matched controls were compared. Comparison of the experimental and control groups in the levels of sex hormones in vivo 6 and other markers such as bone mineral density (osteoporosis flag) and HbA1c (diabetes biomarkers).
The results showed that the age of 50 have fertility problems in men, a third of biochemical indicators show that there is a lower level of 6 kinds of sex hormones (such as low testosterone), this problem is often called hypogonadism. This probability is 7 times the control group. These people have low bone density, especially in low testosterone levels in men, which makes their risk of fractures and osteoporosis greatly improved. Hypogonadism who have elevated blood glucose index (HbA1c increased), signs of insulin resistance are more obvious, which means a higher risk of diabetes.

2. The study results are significant!

Doctoral research presiding Aleksander Giwercman that we find a large part of infertility in men in the family have hypogonadism indications. This will affect their fertility, which is after the early warning metabolic diseases, such as osteoporosis or diabetes. We recommend to all those who seek to help men with fertility problems gonadal hormone levels tested. For those after a high risk of severe disease who completed treatment after birth, we should continue to monitor follow-up.
Professor Jens Snksen comment European Urological Society, said the study is very meaningful study raises the question: is not all under the age of 50 infertile men are likely old troubles metabolic diseases, including diabetes and osteoporosis . In this area also we need a lot of further study.