How to treat hyperthyroidism The method is effective to overcome the hyperthyroidism

12 Aug

1. Hyperthyroidism is one of common disease, in daily life, the incidence of hyperthyroidism is becoming more and more high, let we have to take up.So how should we treat hyperthyroidism in daily life?Good effect in treatment of hyperthyroidism with what method?Let below small make up to introduce yourself.


2. The common treatment of hyperthyroidism, there are many ways to the treatment of the disease but not every a treatment to cure hyperthyroidism, so choose the right therapy is very important.Now you are the most common treatment method is surgical treatment, drug therapy, iodine – 131 therapy and Chinese medicine treatment, etc., so how about the effect of several treatment methods.Let’s look at below.


How to treat hyperthyroidism The method is effective to overcome the hyperthyroidism一、The surgical diagnosis and treatment
One way of surgical treatment is effective.Surgery aims to most of the thyroid gland resection, to make a diagnosis and give treatment, good curative effect.But when choosing the way of diagnosis and treatment of attention to the patient’s tolerance, usually for young children, pregnant women, the old man, and will not be able to withstand surgery, weak patients should not be used.If in the operation, accidentally hurt parathyroid gland, can cause hoarseness, tetany concurrent disease, etc.
二、Drug treatment
Drug treatment is a basic way to make a diagnosis and give treatment, most of the most able to tolerate.Mainly used, probably anti-thyroid drugs to control the prevalence of patients, but patients need long-term medication, can’t stop.Regulate the dosage or change medicine, listen to the doctor’s advice, in addition, anti-thyroid drugs liver function, therefore, for patients with liver function injury, will not be able to use drug treatment.
三、Radioactive iodine treatment
Is the use of radioactive iodine – 131 for the diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of radioactive iodine is clinically, often use a way to make a diagnosis and give treatment, is also a way to make a diagnosis and give treatment is more effective.But this kind of element, the harm of human body is extremely large, generally for unmarried childless women, pregnancy, lactation women especially good without this treatment.For young girls, said to be troubling after birth, the mother after the intake of radioactive iodine, can through the placenta or milk, into the fetus or infant thyroid, cause fetal or infant, dye to hypothyroidism.
四、The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treatment
Clinical, the results showed that the TCM treatment for hyperthyroidism rooted from the liver qi and nourish Yin decrease internal heat, blood, activating blood, qi, calming nerves, soft firm fights for effective treatment, to achieve significant curative effect, but also can effectively overcome anti-thyroid medication by a series of side effects and symptoms, avoid surgery caused by irreversible and damaging consequences of treating first overbearing disease unique, remarkable curative effect, non-toxic side effects, give JiaKangBing patients on treatment provides a great convenience.

How to treat hyperthyroidism The method is effective to overcome the hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism treatment effect is good

For the treatment of hyperthyroidism, experts have been researched, by western medicine to inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis, iodine 131 decays releasing ray destroy thyroid tissue, or total resection of thyroid tissue time, through the operation and make the thyroid hormone levels in the normal, but the effect of these treatments are not durable, and gradually found that there is a lot of side effects.

  • Western medicine, need long-term or even lifelong medication, hurt liver, intestines and stomach.
  • Iodine – 131 therapy, convenient and quick, but the need to prevent hypothyroidism.
  • Surgical treatment for traumatic big, high recurrence rate.