Fresenius Kabi Company Group And Show The Cardiovascular Catsmart Autologous Transfusion System Is Introduced In This Paper In The United States

15 Dec


Fresenius Kabi and Terumo Cardiovascular Group announced today the introduction of the CATSmart Autotransfusion System in the United States. CATSmart is Fresenius Kabi’s next-generation continuous autotransfusion system and features continuous-flow technology for ease-of-use in operating rooms.

The CATSmart Autotransfusion System and related products will be distributed in the U.S. by Terumo Cardiovascular Group. Terumo Cardiovascular Group and Fresenius Kabi have signed an exclusive, five-year distribution agreement for CATSmart, the companies announced today. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Autotransfusion systems are designed to reduce the need for allogeneic blood transfusions by re-infusing a patient’s own lost blood during surgery.

The CATSmart System features customer-driven design and proprietary continuous flow technology. This quick-to-start technology uses a one-size-fits-all autotransfusion set that multi-tasks all process steps. Coupled with its three wash programs, a new Auto-start function and a sensor, operators are able to set up quickly and allow the device to process automatically.

“We’re pleased to bring CATSmart to U.S. customers and we’re pleased to do so through a partner – Terumo Cardiovascular Group – with whom we have collaborated for more than 15 years,” said Dean Gregory, president, medical devices at Fresenius Kabi USA. “CATSmart is quick to start and helps eliminate decision-making required with bowl-based technologies – such as what disposable to use with which bowl size – and CATSmart has one wash kit so perfusionists have one less decision to make during surgery, allowing them to focus on the patient rather than the machine.”

“Terumo is excited to continue our partnership with Fresenius Kabi and to offer CATSmart’s unique technology to cardiac surgery teams all over the United States,” said Robert DeRyke, president, electromechanical systems division, Terumo Cardiovascular Group. “Terumo believes the CATSmart system’s ability to quickly provide packed red cells to critically ill patients is a key element in our mission to help save one more life, today and every day.”

Autotransfusion is an important aspect of patient blood management in surgeries where blood loss is large, such as cardiac, orthopedic, hepatic and trauma procedures. Autotransfusion systems collect, wash, and prepare blood that is lost during surgery for reinfusion back to the patient as needed.

In order to help customers work more effectively in the operating room, other easy-to-operate design changes have been made to the CATSmart system. CATSmart minimizes distractions because it is lighter, smaller, and up to 50 percent quieter than its predecessor. Its ergonomic design allows operators to work from either a sitting or standing position.

Autotransfusion systems are designed to produce a high quality packed red cell that can be reinfused back into the patient. Operators can now monitor incoming shed blood and out-going packed red cell hematocrit levels on the CATSmart’s screen using the new hematocrit sensors. The CATSmart also eliminates non-emulsified fats (>99 percent) without sacrificing hematocrit levels (60 percent); removing the need to choose between high hematocrits or eliminating fats.