For The Rural Safariseat Suv, A Source Of Wheelchair

20 Oct

SafariSeat for disabled without sidewalks

If you’re disabled in a poorly developed part of the world, even a great modern wheelchair may be next to useless. What’s needed is a more off-road design that’s made to be easy to manufacture and repair than something built for a city with sidewalks.

SafariSeat is a newly designed open-source wheelchair that hopes to make a big impact for disabled people the world over. It uses push bars for power and has large front wheels and small rear ones to easily roll over large objects.

In a novel move, the designers included a moving seat that shifts bit every time you push the bars to help prevent pressure sores on the butt.

The team behind the SafariSeat is now raising funds to build a workshop in Kenya to begin manufacturing the wheelchairs, and to help others around the world do the same in their communities.

Check out this video presenting the SafariSeat and the idea for its genesis:

Kickstarter campaign: SafariSeat…