Epigenetics in Drug Discovery

6 Jan


With the continuous development of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, people gradually found that individual differences in drug response genes can not be entirely explained by genetic polymorphisms.Epigenetics in Drug Discovery

Chromatrap, a business unit of Porvair Sciences, has announced that it will be the Lead Sponsor at the prestigious “Epigenetics in Drug Discovery” conference to be held in Cambridge, UK from 26th-27th January 2016.

Viewed as a new frontier in drug discovery, rapid progress has been made in enhancing understanding of epigenetic mechanisms of both new and existing drugs. With the processes that control epigenomic function providing new opportunities, epigenetics targets are enabling the discovery of novel drugs.

At the conference – Dr Amy Beynon will deliver a presentation highlighting the use of new Chromatrap solid state ChIP technology for assaying methylated and hydroxymethylated DNA marks in addition to Histone modifications and the use of Chromatrap kits for ChIP-sequencing.