Do Not Let Antibiotic Wreck Your Baby’s Immune System

20 Apr

We innately have a perfect defense system that immunity, it is always at the perfect “offensive and defensive” state, to help fight foreign invaders.
Do Not Let Antibiotic Wreck Your Baby's Immune SystemThere are more than 80% of the body’s immune function in the construction of the gut bacteria in balance since the beginning of birth colostrum intake, intestinal flora will gradually play a role in immune function has thus started; worse, if in order to “prevention of infection” and give the child antibiotics, but may be self-defeating.

Antibiotics, good bacteria will catch all the bad bacteria permanently alter immune function and nervous system. The overuse of antibiotics can lead to children suffering from a fungal infection, induced eczema, allergies, asthma and other diseases; especially in children under three years old in the growth and development of a number of organs and tissues has not yet mature, more susceptible to antibiotics permanent damage.

United States, MD, an entire course of antibiotics may cause irreparable damage to bacteria, the long run will reduce people’s resistance to disease and infection, it has spent years using specific nutrients and probiotic therapy to allow the body to become normal ; and the excessive use of antibiotics will be a significant increase of obesity, the incidence of type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease.

In addition to bacteria defensive guards, but also to remove the body of heavy metals helper, once let the bad bacteria accounted for an edge, intestinal loopholes, bacteria, allergens to invade the blood, the immune system will be weakened even more responsibility has increased.

Adult class of antibiotics has been touted over the past savior, now filling the people pay the price suffer from various chronic diseases or cancer. People should slowly changing attitudes “Insurance medicine”, do not blindly mess tonic supplements to avoid the “prevention” No, actually first destroyed the balance of the immune system, inducing autoimmune diseases.

China has an annual average of 80,000 people die from abuse of antibiotics!

Children are the main victims of antibiotics!

The overuse of antibiotics in children, especially small cold, low fever, many parents took antibiotics as a panacea, can not wait for children to eat anti-inflammatory drugs, because these drugs is more immediate.

In addition, children health in vivo antibiotic derived from livestock

There was one pair of children’s Jiangsu, Zhejiang and over 1000 survey found 580 urine antibiotics, and even some kids with 6 antibiotics! Usually only those enrofloxacin livestock use, tylosin, etc. are also detected in the child’s body!

Misuse of antibiotics, children not grow!

Children usually hurt my stomach, a mother will be given a free hand to buy prescription drugs levofloxacin son taking a stomach ache every time as long as the child will eat when she opened an “experience medicine.” Fast forward three years later, the 5-year-old children 2 years old with the same height, that did not grow taller.

So, you are still a little for yourself or your family go colds medication, hanging water?

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