Chip implanted in the brain to help quadriplegic restore hand movement ability

16 Apr

A freak diving accident, let the 19-year-old Ian Burkhart caught in the arms and legs paralyzed disaster. Currently researchers said, this has been 24-year-old former athlete, through an experiment has regained some mobility his fingers, hands and wrists.

The researchers said, speaking through surgery carries a computer chip implanted in information Burkhart brain, bypassing the injured spinal cord, the direct control of the activity of the limbs.

“In this study, the electronic neural bridge technology has played an important role, it is to showcase the most bright future, perhaps in the near future, through the technical assistance number worldwide millions paralyzed people regain athletic ability, “the study authors Gaurav Sharma researcher, said he worked at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Burkhart in high school, is a Dublin, Ohio, hockey goalie, he enjoyed the ocean during a vacation in North Carolina Bund injured. The researchers said that at present, worldwide, millions of people are plagued by paralysis, this research through an electronic neural bridge technology to help Burkhart regain athletic ability, which is a revolutionary advancement in the treatment of paralysis.

How is the electronic nerve bridging technology play a role? Doctors in 2014 to Burkhart’s motor cortex implanted computer chip, this chip is mainly responsible for controlling hand movements, Sharma expressed.

“Motor cortex by recording the transmission signal, in the signal transmission to the computer, to help researchers understand the paralyzed muscle signaling way, we bypass the damaged spinal cord tissue, stably transferred to the tissue of motion command signals through the chip , “he said.

Currently, Burkhart has been able to substantially recover the fingers, hand, wrist, low-intensity exercise capacity, he was able to make a fist and release complete instructions such as, Sharma expressed.