Bitalino Evolution (R), A Powerful New Diy Agencies Monitor Equipment

6 Sep

BITalino-boardBITalino-revolution-boxModern technology and creative engineering is letting people build their own health monitoring medical devices that are often not even available from manufacturers. A popular tool that makes it easy to get started and to build prototype devices is the BITalino do-it-yourself development kit and a new, even more streamlined and powerful BITalino is here.

The BITalino (r)evolution offers twice as many accessories and sensors about half the size from the original kit. It’s available in three versions, depending on your goals, and either with Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity.

In what should be a classic maker move, the BITalino (r)evolution is packaged in a cardboard box that’s designed so it can be used as the case for your home made gadget.

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