All Of Your Varicose Vein Questions Answered, In One Simple Chart

2 Jun

Millions of Americans have varicose veins — enlarged, twisted veins of blue and purple hues that are often appear in the legs and feet as we age, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some are small and commonly known as spider veins, while others look like cords lying across the surface of the skin. Some of them hurt, some of them don’t. Some are harmless and some may be signs of another medical condition entirely.

Curious to learn how you even get varicose veins in the first place? Wishing yours would go away? Check out the helpful infographic from the Intermountain Vein Center in Utah below to find the answers. Not all varicose veins need to be treated, so as always, check with your doctor.

varicose veins
Courtesy of the Intermountain Vein Center

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