A Local Grocery Store Of A Sign Announcing “FREE ANTIBIOTICS”

17 Jul

A patient sent me a picture from a local grocery store of a sign announcing “FREE ANTIBIOTICS”.

How dangerously insane is that?

At one time, antibiotics were a true miracle drug. They were designed to treat overwhelming bacterial infections and they worked. Unfortunately they have been  seriously over prescribed and perilously over used. Antibiotics are in our drinking water, used routinely in our meat and dairy animals, poultry and eggs. So even if you aren’t taking antibiotics, you are taking antibiotics.

Why is that dangerous? Well because our hazardous over use means they don’t work as well. Now we have “SUPER BUGS”. These aren’t any more “super” than any we have encountered before but now  antibiotics don’t work.

Over use isn’t the only concern.

A study published in the Journal of Cancer showed that people who had taken 2-5 prescriptions of antibiotics increased their cancer risk 27% and greater than 6 increased 37%. An earlier study showed those taking antibiotics for more than 500 cumulative days doubled their risk of breast cancer.

The best way to a good  immune system and optimal health is good nutrition and chiropractic care (care of you spine – your central nervous system!)